Captain Caric Solinus

Captain in the Crusader Army of Mendev


“Stand your ground! Hold the line! This corruption must not spread any further! Too many have given their lives! Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain! Take heart! Draw your swords! Ready your spears! Put a righteous fury in your eyes! We will win this field! And then we’ll win our way to the very heart of this wounded land, taking the fight straight to the enemy until we send every last one of them back to the Abyss!” — an impassioned speech by Caric Solinus to rally his fellow crusaders


Background: Caric Solinus is the eldest son of a noble family in Taldor with a long tradition of serving in the crusades. He and his brother Solangus both sought to honor their ancestors by joining the holy templars of the Goddess of Valor and marching to war against the demons. Fiercely competitive in all areas of life, the brothers constantly tried to outdo the other at every turn, from feats of strength and endurance, to cunning and intellect. At the forefront was the attention they would attempt to garner from their father, an honorable, but busy knight of the realm. They went to great lengths to grab his ear, increasing the daring of their contests. After one particularly embarrassing debacle involving the daughter of a rival noble family, their father took them into the great halls of their ancestors and tried to inspire his enthusiastic sons to channel their energy into more noble pursuits, such as the family’s long history of taking part in the crusade. Caric was deeply moved by his father’s words, and vowed to carry on his forebears’ mission against the demonic hosts, and possibly put his younger brother in his place when he returned with the skull of some great demon. Solangus finally realized what his father desired most of his sons, and recognizing Caric’s newfound determination, resolved to do whatever it took see his father’s wishes come true. So the sons Solinus enlisted in the local chapter of Iomedae’s templars as soon as they were of age. While there, they expected to distinguish themselves so one of them could gain their father’s blessing and inherit the family’s holdings upon his passing. Yet, the templars chose only Caric to join their ranks, and Solangus’s exclusion caused a jealous rift between the two siblings ever since. Focused on his oath as a templar, Caric left their rivalry behind three years ago, marching north secure in the knowledge that he’d inherit his father’s kingdom upon his return—and provided he survived. But the memory of his brother’s anguish at being excluded haunted him deep down. Having spent their whole lives together, Caric never realized how much he truly missed his brother when they were finally parted. And the manner of their parting did not sit well with the new templar. Still, the elder Solinus endeavored to seek out his brother once he’d gathered enough fame and glory to boast about.

However, on the front lines, Caric found himself tested in ways he never imagined, confronted by the stark reality of war. And not just any war—rather, a war of attrition and despair as the demons grew stronger and the crusaders’ faith faltered. Even Caric has wavered at times in his devotion, struggling to persevere in the face of so many deaths among his closest friends. It doesn’t help that his brother Solangus finally joined him, as well, shunning the faith of the templars to embrace the clergy of the dead god Aroden so he can act as their sanctified agent in the north. Caric knows Solangus’s opportunistic nature all too well, and fears his masters may have sent him to the crusade for reasons which don’t fully align with the goals of the templars. He also fears the renewal of their sibling rivalry in the midst of such a dangerous conflict, hoping they can somehow make amends and rediscover their brotherhood before the demons overwhelm their world.

Captain Caric Solinus

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